Logistics Chapter

Pacific Global Association ("PGA")  is not a sizeable logistics network,  PGA only allow Max. 3 members per city/port, focus on different specialty in

logistics industry, to let member work on the same supply chains with other members to satisfy the client demand with cost-effectiveness.

Specialty by Group:

(A)  F&B Distributor, Int'l freight forwarder, NVOCC, logistics solution,

       and project freight.

(B)  Purely for Courier, Ship chartering & agency, Custom Broker,   

       transportation & warehouse operators.

Membership fee:  (Update & published on: 1st Jul 2019)










Non-Active Member clause

Members(All Tier included Diamond) failing to attend two consecutive (AGM) Annual General Meeting and also has no business transaction with a member in the last 2 years are labelled as a "Non-Active Member" even though membership fee paid and/or renewal, as determined by the Association committee it may solicit a replacement member in that city to

maintain the commercial activities & opportunities.

Diamond Membership requirement

1.   Join the association over 5 years, Included 2 years in Platinum                      membership tier.

2.   Only approved by the PGA Committee

3.   No bad debts record with the members in the last 3 years.

4.   No pending monies disputes case(Except cargo claims) with the

      members for the last 3 years.

5.   Not a blacklist company on

6.   Member referral - At least succeed to refer one member in last 3 years

7.   At least has a business with more than 2 members in the last two years

8.   Without failing to attend two consecutive (AGM) Annual General