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Q)  Is there any option to join the FDP or not?
A)  Definitely …. This is optional ….  every member has the right to join this FREIGHT DEBT PROTECTION(FDP) plan if you meet the criteria ( pls refer to ELIGIBILTY for details ) If you choose not to join, you can remain our basic SILVER member.
For members who wish to participate in the FDP plan, the membership fee must be fully paid and are obliged to contribute to the Trust Fund annually.


Q)  If I am currently a GOLD or PLATINUM member, how can I transition to the new tier plan?
A)  For GOLD and PLATINUM member, after your current membership was expired, either you can join the new tier scheme (SILVER / GOLD) or the PGA committee may invite you to be the DIAMOND member if you will meet the requirements.

Q)  May I switch to the new scheme even though my membership is still not expired 
A)  Suggest waiting until it is expired, but PGA may consider if any member is deemed necessary.   

Q)  Let's say I have registered for multi-cities or multi-countries, how this FDP works?
A)  The FDP program will ONLY apply to those cities/countries where the member contributed the trust fund and the membership fee was fully paid.


Q)  what is the maximum compensation according to FDP Policy?


Q)  Can I claim for cargo damage or loss of cargo under FDP?
A)  No, the FDP plan is not a marine/cargo insurance or Forwarder's transport liability insurance. PGA does not accept any claim for damage or loss of shipment. 

Q) How do I file a Claim under FDP?
A) Pls go to COMPENSATION PROCEDURE and follow the steps 
it mentioned that the FDP will only cover up to 50% if the claimant and the counterparty are part of other freight forwarding networks.  The FDP funding is for the exclusive use of PGA Members only so ONLY 50% coverage is provided for bankruptcy which involves non-members of PGA.

Q)  Will this trust fund cover the claim of business transactions amongst members?   
A) The FDP plan shall not be utilized and/or liable for any debts and/or liabilities that Members of PGA incur or accrue in the course of their business transactions with one another.  

Q)  Let say there is insufficient fund in the pool then how?

A) The monies held under the FDP fundings for the benefit of Members are limited to what monies are available. In the event that the monies held under the FDP fundings are fully utilized, further claim amount can only be reimburse after more collection of Trust fund from members.


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