Connects a Global Network immediately
Over 110 members in 40 countries with different global transport related specialist.

More real business opportunity
You may be experienced of a quote bidding with numerous members at the same place in a large network.  Pacific Global Association (PGA) is not a sizeable logistic network and not focus how to quantify a lot of members in same business category at same place.  

PGA only allow Max. 3 members per city/port and focus on different specialty in logistics industry to let member work on the same supply chains or Value Added Services with other members to satisfy the client demand.

Quality & reality of business referrals 

Besides general "member seeking a business from a member", PGA  more focus a functionality of our "O2O network“to source a high reality business referrals from Online network
to our Offline logistics network’s member.

One-On-One face to face meeting at AGM

Annual General Meeting(AGM) to be held in Q1 yearly and most of the registration members
to be attended, and included several special guests to be invited as an observer to experience our AGM. 

Motivate the member's business activities.
Pacific Global set a "Non-Active member rules", apply to all members(included Diamond Tier) if failing to attend two consecutive Annual General Meeting(AGM) and also has no business transaction within the network member in the last 2 years, this member is labelled as a "Non-Active Member" even though membership fee paid and/or renewal, as determined by the Association committee it may solicit a replacement in that city to maintain the commercial activities & opportunities.

Quality of our Member
* Minimum 2+ years in this industry. 
   Note:  Over 70% of our current members joins us longer than 15 years, 20% longer than 10 years.
* Only accept a screened successful applicant,  screening process included at least 2 reference companies for credit reference checked, the applicant’s financial standing, history in operation, market reputations.

Membership renewal rate over 90% averagely in last 20 years, 
it is +95% in our Diamond & Gold member tier, and for the rest of membership tier the renewal rate about 85%.

Payment Monitoring

With 99% and 100% payment records from year to year (currently 99-100%), WFN Members elected not to choose to enrol in a scheme when it was offered to them.