Date: 18th Oct 2004


Phytosanitary Certificate/Fumigation Certificate


Please be advised that WEF 01.11.2004 all Consignments packed in Wooden Boxes/Pallets Imported into India by Air/Sea would require a Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the Plant & Quarantine Department and a Fumigation done by Methyl Chromide by the Pest Control Operators of the Country Of Origin. The Fumigation would have to be done in presence of the Plant & Quarantine Department & the Fumigation performed details Endorsed on the Phytosanitary Certificate additionally.


At the time of Out of Charge the Customs would refer the shipment to the plant & Quarantine Department for a N.O.C. & on checking the Phyto & Fumigation Certificate the P & Q Depít. would issue a release order for Out Of Charge .


Containers without a Phytosanitary certificate/fumigation Certificate arriving into India, would be referred to the Plant Quarantine Dept. by Customs before Out of Charge, PQ Dept.would give clearance of the consignment & the Pest Controller would fumigate the Consignment with Methyl Bromide, in supervision of the PQ Dept.. Once found fit as per PQ Dept. the clearance would be given for Out of Charge.


Please note that charges for the above work if done in India, for shipments arriving without Phytosanitary certificate/fumigation Certificate will be debited to the origin office. All detention/ demurrage charges for such shipments will also be to the account of the origin office.